Service Types

Services For Government, Secure Sites, Hospitals & Detention Facilities

Everest is able and willing to operate under specialized circumstances, for example:

  • Secure sites such as government installations and detention facilities
  • Sites requiring special provisions for operational cleanliness such as hospitals and laboratories
  • Facilities which must continue their operations at the same time as cleaning occurs, requiring unusual scheduling and procedures for the duct cleaning operations
  • Everest’s owner-operator has completed the US Department of Energy General Employment Training (GET) for contractors, and has experience working at secure government facilities.

Everest is a Small Business Enterprise, and is seeking to compete for any govornmental, state/city, and medical facility projects, as a sucontractor. Everest will engage in all aspects of cleaning & restoration for HVAC systems.

The HVAC system is defined as: Areas that include any interior surface of the facility’s air distribution system for conditioned spaces and/or occupied zones. This includes the entire heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system from the points where the air enters the system to the points where the air is discharged from the system. The return air grilles, return air ducts (except ceiling plenums and mechanical room) to the air handling unit (AHU), the interior surfaces of the AHU, mixing box, coil compartment, condensate drain pans, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, supply air ducts, fans, fan housing, fan blades, turning vanes, filters, filter housings, reheat coils, and supply diffusers are all considered part of the HVAC system.

Please contact us with any questions, as we can service all of AZ and areas of NM, NV, CA, CO.