Air Handler Cleaning

AHU Cleaning Can Virtually Eliminate All Airborne Pollutants

AHU cleaning: Work includes removing, cleaning/disinfecting the blower motor (small units. Medium and large units are cleaned in place), cleaning heat exchangers, cleaning both sides of the evaporative coil(s), cleaning the housing of the coil and blower, and re-assembling of the unit. VAV’s will all be cleaned (if/when applicable) in place.

If done in conjunction with duct cleaning, will virtually eliminate all airborne pollutants. Will increase the heating/cooling efficiency of your unit while saving energy. Clean systems restore capacity and lessen running time, which translates to savings on monthly heating/cooling. The service pays for itself in energy savings! 9 out of 10 heating and cooling system fail because of dirt and dust (Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service) A buildup of four one-hundredths of an inch (.042) of dirt on a heating or cooling coil can result in a 21% decrease in efficiency (Environmental Protection Agency)